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We will email or text you to let you know that we will be arriving the day before to give you ample notice of our arrival. As well, we will send you photos after we have completed a service showing you what we have done so you know that we have been at your property.
There are a few things you can do to help us out.

* If you park out front of your home, try and leave a space for us on the day of your service.

* Please leave any side gate or gate to your back yard unlocked for us.

* Please tidy up your backyard and front yard too of toys, lawn furniture, doggy doo, etc. That way your yard will receive its full treatment. Any tripping hazards, we would appreciate removed so we do not get injured while on your property.
Normally, we are mowing your lawn as part of our weekly services. However, if you have selected a separate service such as fertilizer treatment, we would like customers to wait 24-48 hours before or after our arrival to mow their lawn.
For our fertilizer product, you can water the next morning.
* It is always advised to mow your lawn in the early evening. Never mow in the heat of the day when the temperatures are high as this stresses the lawn.

* Don't mow your lawn too short. Set your mower blades higher - about 3 " is great. Remember to only mow the top 1/3 of the grass blade each mow. A nice lush lawn is softer to walk on and look at.

* If you mow your lawn too short, it may make it more prone to drying out during the heat of the day as the roots of the grass don't have any shade and the lawn may be more susceptible to weeds.

* Don't mow a wet lawn. Make sure your lawn is dry. If you mow a wet lawn, it can result in an uneven cut and will definitely clog your mower.

* Try to vary your mowing pattern on your lawn. Don't keep on mowing in the same direction every single time. Grass will grow taller as it has been mowed from different directions.

* Keep your mower blades sharp. It is helpful to sharpen them on every long weekend. Dull blades will show in the tips of your grass as jagged edge instead of a clean, sharp cut.

* You can always hire Greenvy to mow your lawn and keep your lawn looking its best!
The best time to water your lawn is in the morning - preferably before 10 a.m. When you water in the morning, you are giving your lawn plenty of time to dry during the course of the day and the water to soak into the soil.

If you water in the evening, you may not give the grass blades enough time to dry and they may be vulnerable to disease.

Your lawn needs enough water each week to develop deeper root systems. Sometimes there isn't rain from the sky and therefore you may need to water your lawn from a sprinkler.

Easiest way to gauge how much water your sprinkler is giving your lawn is to set a tuna/cat food can out at the farthest point of the sprinkler. When it is full, you have watered that area enough. Move your sprinkler to a new area of your lawn and repeat.

A lawn should be receiving 2-4 inches of water each week. However - check your lawn moisture with this simple test - poke a screwdriver into the ground. If it goes in easily, your lawn soil is good for now. If you're having difficulty, you'll need to add more water.

Nice long, deep watering will help your lawn develop deep root systems. Infrequent, or short watering develops shallow roots.
No, when temperature and windchill reach -30C we will not be coming to your property to do snow removal for safety reasons. This is for the safety of our employees, products and equipment. When temperatures increase, we will resume services at your home.
Yes, of course! Just give us a call. We have a wide range of services that are listed and not listed. Often while visiting a property we may see things that may need attention too and will bring them up to you while there,
No, we will not be coming for your mowing if it a hard rain. We will be texting you or emailing you and we will postpone, usually for the following day.

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